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Thank you Laura for providing a "SAFE PLACE" where we can be real and feel our best wherever we are in our walk with our mind, body and soul!


It will be a year since I joined OFF! The best decision I have ever made! Losing the weight and inches are the bonus! The friendships and comradery are priceless! The loss of inches and weight are amazing; however, no matter what size or shape we are, everyone is treated as if we are the only member and we are so worthy. When I walked through that door for the first time I held my head down with shame and unworthiness where I was told all my life I was fat! 


I so enjoyed the challenges at Thangsgiving and Christmas! You and your team made them fun and who would want to miss the fun!


All the instructors are amazing! Mende has literally changed my life training with her! Not only the shape of my thought process!!! I have never ever been able to look in the mirror and say "Hey, I love my body! Well, that is what 2018 brought for me with Mende's help and all the classes! Who needs therapy anymore?  I am so thankful for OFF and the teams hardwork!


I must not forget the kindness of Mende's heart! She text or called every day when I was in the hospital. That is true friendship. Everyone asked how I was doing when I returned. No where have I ever experienced that concern. Sure few friends at church but my friends where I workout! Truly Blessed!


Happy New Year Friend!!! And, thank you for all your encouragement!!



Organic Fitness Factory

Thank you for all you and your staff do to make it a great and comfortable place to workout! It has been great for me in many ways, and yes great friendships have been made! Looking forward to a another great year😊


Happy New Year!!


Organic Fitness Factory

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